• Double-bowl Sink Mould

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    Double-bowl Sink Mould

    Double bowl sink mould,which is installed in hydraulic press is design for pressed sinks manufacturing.Tough and endurable materials make the mould produce sinks with same effects.It is easy to install and uninstall moulds.Read More

  • Drain Board Sink Mould

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    Drain Board Sink Mould

    Drain board sink mould is suitable for the special sinks with drain board and single or double bowls.The requirement for this mould is much tougher than others for it would be pressed by hydraulic press machines with higher pressure.Read More

  • Sink Top Welding Machine

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    Sink Top Welding Machine

    Sink surface welding machine,wchich is controlled by CNC system,is designed to weld surfaces with bowls of stainless steel handmade sinks together.It could weld sinks with single,double or tripple bowls efficiently and fully automatically.To weld a single bowl with the...Read More

  • Sink Side Welding Machine

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    Sink Side Welding Machine

    Sink wall welding machine is specialize for welding gaps between walls,which are bended before.To weld one corner only takes 0.5 minute and it could weld smoothly and uniformly.Read More

  • Sink Bottom Welding Machine

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    Sink Bottom Welding Machine

    Sink bottom welding machine could weld gaps between walls and bottoms of stainless steel sinks.It would weld slowly and accurately to make sure the fully combination of walls and bottoms.To weld one corner of bottom only takes less than 1 minute.Read More

  • Sink Corner Grinding Machine

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    Sink Corner Grinding Machine

    Sink corner grinding machine is designed to grind corners of handmade sinks’ walls,which are welded.There are two magnets,which could keep sinks on the clamp firm.It only takes less than 1 minute to grind one corner.Read More

  • Sink Top Grinding Machine

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    Sink Top Grinding Machine

    Sink top grinding machine is design to grind seams between surfaces and bowls,which are welded together.The workbench would fix sinks and rotate while the grinding arm grinds seams.It takes less than 0.5 minute to grind one bowl.Read More

  • Sink Bottom Edge Grinding Machine

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    Sink Bottom Edge Grinding Machine

    Sink bottom edge grinding machine,which is installed with digital control system,is designed for grinding the bottom edges of handmade stainless steel sinks.To grind one edge takes less than 1 minute.Read More

  • Sink Wall Corner Roller

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    Sink Wall Corner Roller

    Sink wall corner roller is one of the machine required for handmade sink manufacturers.To press wall corners with radius has tough requirement for the machine,which could scrape sinks.It could make corners with good shapes.Read More

  • Sink Bottom Roller

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    Sink Bottom Roller

    Sink bottom roller is inevitable for handmade sink manufacturers to press bottom corners of sinks with radius.It takes about 1 minute to roll a single corner very smoothly and stably.Read More

  • Sink Corner Press Machine

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    Sink Corner Press Machine

    Sink corner press machine is specialized for handmade stainless steel sinks.It could press corners with radius,which is more endurable.This machine could press exact angles for corners.Read More

  • Sink Triangle Surface Satin Machine

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    Sink Triangle Surface Satin Machine

    Sink surface triangle satin machine is design for brushing surfaces of handmade stainless steel sinks with belt made of abrasive materials.Comparing with pressed sinks,handmade sinks have less edges and radius.It takes less than 1 minute to satin the surface of one sink.Read More