CNC Top Grinding Machine

CNC Top Grinding Machine
For pressed sinks with special shapes,bowls should be welded with tops,leaving the seam black or grey.This top grinding machine could grind seams between tops and bowls brightly and smoothly.According to size of bowls,time to grind one bowl varies.The average time is less than 1 minute.
Product Details

CNC Top Grinding Machine

1.Product features:

* Fully automated,after setting programs for sinks,all it takes to finish the griding is pushing one button.

* High efficiency and accuracy.This machine could press every spot with same pressure.

* Energy-saving.Equipped with frequency conversion motor,it saves more than 30% energy.

* Low rejected rete.This machine could fix tops and bowls firmly and never malfunction.

2.Applicable customers:

This machine could be used for stainless steel kitchen sink manufacturers with large scales.Comparing with the traditional manually grinding,this machine saves lots of labor costs.Only one machine operator could control four machines at the same time.Meanwhile,it could grind seams very smoothly and brightly in same standard.

3.Product parameters:






Digital Control


One button to start

Working Medium

Servo Drive


Back and Forth

Grinding Distance(mm)


Total Power(Kw)


4.Customer's factory:

5.Applicable products:

CNC Top Grinding Machine

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