CNC Corner Grinding Machine

CNC Corner Grinding Machine
Sink corner grinding machine is designed to grind corners of handmade sinks’ walls,which are welded.There are two magnets,which could keep sinks on the clamp firm.It only takes less than 1 minute to grind one corner.
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CNC Corner Grinding Machine

1. Product Introduction: 

This machine is specialized for griding wall corners of handmade sinks,which are welded and not smooth.In order to make sinks stay on the clamp firm,two sticks,which are installed with magnet on its head,would press two edges of sinks to the clamp.The grinding arm,which contains a rotatable belt made of abrasive materials,would start to grind corners from top to bottom and return.

To set a program for one kind of handmade sink is easy as well.There are only two parameters of the bottom position should be record,the pressure and the depth of the sink.It is very easy to use the machine as well,push one button and the machine would grind sinks automatically.It only take less than 1 minute to grind one corner.

2.Product Parameters:






Digital Control


One button to start

Working Medium

Servo Drive


Back and Forth

Grinding Distance(mm)


Total Power(Kw)


3.Applicable Products:

CNC Corner Grinding Machine

5.Customers Feedback:



A.Whats the payment?

  We use the One Touch of Alibaba to receive funds.

B.Whats the shipment?

  Machines will be delivered by ship from Ningbo Beilun Harbour.

C.How many years of guarantee you offer?

  We provide one year guarantee for the polishing machine.

D.How many types of price do you offer?

  We offer ex-work price,FOB and CNF.

E.Whats the after sales service?

  One engineer would be sent to customers factory and teach how to use the machine.

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